Radio Television Montenegro (RTCG): Dolce Hera and Vladana were guests in the Morning Program; On Radio 98 RTCG (Dolce Hera); RTCG Portal reported the release of the song Sweet & Bizarre

On the occasion of the release of the new song Sweet & Bizarre, Dolce Hera and Vladana made several guest appearances on the public service broadcasterRadio Television of Montenegro:

On the day of the song’s release, Dolce Hera and Vladana were guests in the Morning Program (originally Jutarnji Program) of Radio Television Montenegro, in which they shared their impressions of the premiere of the music video at the 33rd Montenegrin Fashion Week.

The song Sweet & Bizarre was broadcast on Radio Montenegro at noon the day before its release as an exclusive preview (anteprima) for Radio and Television Montenegro.

Dolce Hera was a guest on Radio 98 of the Radio Television of Montenegro and spoke with the host Sanja Pejovic about the entire project of the new song and its music video.

Radio Television Montenegro Portal reported the release of the song Sweet & Bizarre with an article entitled:

“In “Sweet Bizarre”, our energies coincided:

Montenegrin artists Vladana Vučinić and Aleksandra Prelević Palladino – Dolce Hera released the song and music video Sweet Bizarre.”

Watch Vladana and Hera’s guest appearance in the Morning Program on RTCG at the following link:

Check out the news about the release of Sweet & Bizarre on RTCG Portal at the following link:

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In the TV appearance in the RTCG Morning Program Dolce Hera wore pieces from Anja Radulovic collection