Dolce Hera and designer Anja Radulovic interview to Radio Television GRADSKA about their collaboration on the Sweet & Bizarre music video

Dolce Hera and Anja Radulovic gave an interview to the Montenegrin Radio Television RTV GRADSKA about their collaboration on the Sweet & Bizarre music video.

In their conversation with host Marija Razic, they talked about the costumes for the video, the importance of aesthetics and blending in of their artistic approaches due to their similar ideas of art. 

As Anja says an artist is one who successfully expresses himself in different musical genres or types of art, and that in her opinion there is a stigmatized point of view that an artist should stick to only one genre, which she believes should be overcome.

Anja believes that Hera is an example of an artist who brings together different sectors of art and who likes to explore and learn without getting trapped in genre definitions, as the way Anja also perceives herself, so according to her, this is the similarity that enabled their mutual understanding on this project.

In particular, there was talk about the cover of the single, which was created as a painting by the painter Anja Radulovic and then converted into a digital form.

She painted it at the request of Hera, who communicated to her the idea behind the music video and said that she would like Anja to depict the bizarre encounter between the protagonists of the song lyrics in the main costumes of the video, which only appear in the second part of the song.

In this interview the host Marija Razic made a special review of Dolce Hera’s career as a female drummer, recalling her performance together with the great drummer Dragoljub Djuricic at the Montenegrin National Theater back in 2009.

When asked what that performance represented for her and what she learned from that meeting with one of the most famous Yugoslav drummers, Hera said that she certainly owes Dragoljub her now broad perception of drumming, which is often understood narrowly only as an accompaniment to a band or artist. Dragoljub with his unusual performances at that time showed the multidisciplinarity of drummers as a potential that comes to the fore if we connect with each other and as artists try to think differently and more broadly.

Hera says that she was delighted that such a famous and legendary drummer recognizes the talent in young people with the desire to give them an artistic part of himself by sharing the stage with them.

According to her, this is precisely the great personality quality of such successful people for whom their fame is not a barrier to connecting with young people, but on the contrary they only see potential in it. The fact that such a drummer recognized her as a female drummer from Montenegro who deserved to be invited by him to join him on the stage of the Montenegrin National Theater and to play together, for her it was a moment of immense happiness that she still remembers to this day because in a way, it was a confirmation that all the energy and love she invested in the drums was recognized not only by the audience but also on a certain higher level – by great artists.

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