About the Artist

Aleksandra Prelević Palladino, known professionally as Dolce Hera, is a Montenegrin music author, composer, songwriter, drummer, living in Rome, Italy. Hera was born in 1991 in Podgorica, Montenegro, and she began performing as a teenager as she was the founder and drummer of the Montenegrin punk rock band Shin-Ei.

She has a wide range of music experience that consists of both recording studio background and significant live performance participation as she performed in numerous concerts and festivals.

Hera studied piano lessons for 8 years at the Art School for Music and Ballet “Vasa Pavić” in Podgorica. After graduating from the Primary Music School, she took lessons from one of the most prominent Montenegrin jazz drummers – Momčilo Momica Glomazić.

Hera also performed with one of the most famous drummers in the Balkans, a well-known Montenegrin and Yugoslav drummer Dragoljub Đuričić at the National Theater of Montenegro, at the invitation of Đuričić himself, who appreciated her work as an eminent drummer of the Montenegrin music scene.

In 2013 at the photo exhibition entitled “Drummers of Montenegro” (Crnogorski bubnjari), organized by the NGO Montenegrin Blues (July 9-17), Hera was represented as the first female professional drummer in Montenegro.

She is a PhD Candidate within the field of Theory and Philosophy of Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Belgrade. Hera graduated from two universities, namely the Faculty of Law of the University of Montenegro and the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​(Business English) of the Mediterranean University in Podgorica, where she studied Italian as a second foreign language.


During her work with the band Shin-Ei, the group has accomplished notable achievements:

In 2008 Shin-ei participated in Vijesti Television’s “Battle of the Bands” TV contest and won the audience award for the most innovative young Montenegrin band, thanks to which Shin-Ei recorded their first single “Crazy Ride” (Ludi Rajd) in the recording studio “Duende” in Castelnuovo (Herceg-Novi, Montenegro). Shin-ei entered the Top 10 and their first single made part of the TOP 10 Compilation Album released on CD by TV Vijesti in 2009.

In 2012 Shin-Ei launched their debut studio album made up of 11 tracks entitled “Please forgive us we feel good” (Oprostite što nam je dobro). Shin-ei released two official music videos for songs “Anthropophobia” and “Crazy Ride”.  They participated in many festivals like Lake Fest and many others and gained live experience sharing the stage with local and international artists like: Handsome Furs (Canada), Zoster, Darkwood Dub, Atheist Rap, Autogeni Trening, Qtera , Kanda Kodža and Nebojša, Autumn for Free, Kuriri , Letu Štuke, Jesus Attor, DST and others.

In the media they were characterized as a teenage attraction with a punk attitude, pop melodiousness and an alternative approach to songwriting with authentic music arranging techniques.

After the disbandment, Hera took a break from music for personal reasons. During that period she completed her Master’s degree in Law, got married and moved to Rome. Hera is also the mother of two children.


D.H. Project is the new upcoming album of Hera, which consists of 9 songs that represent an unusual journey through musical genres with the central idea of ​​DANCE, inspired by the idea of ​​the cult and avant-garde in art, and the idea that art itself generates new art.

Dolce Hera is a multidisciplinary artist and so in this music project she has multiple roles: She is the songwriter (she writes lyrics for songs in English and Italian), composes the music together with her team of producers, creates the drum lines and records drums, performs some of the songs vocally together with the artist with whom she does the featuring, she is the director of the music video for the second single “Sweet & Bizarre”.

In search of a perfect voice for each of the songs, in the desire to also travel through the most diverse male and female voices, she makes collaborations featurings with various artists (male and female singers) that vocally interpret her songs and their particular narrative power.

Her music project is supported by PAM CGMontenegrin Organization for Collective Management of Music Authors’ Rights and the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital City of Podgorica, both of which co-financed it.

Inspired by the masterpieces from various fields of art that influenced the author to metaphorically build her artistic path on them, in this conceptual album she celebrates its central theme Dance as a symbol of carefreeness, of happy moments without problems, of a period of life that only childhood and early youth typically bring with them. Through metaphors that show the artistic contaminations and versatility of the author, each musical genre within the album is treated in a unique way in the spirit of the basic theme: melodious, danceable and nostalgic.

As the narrative unfolds in two languages ​​and changes perspectives from female to male, her narration can be defined more as some freeze frames of some states, or different moods of an artist who remains always young and childish at heart. The artist is infantile in her eternal search for freedom and wildness of spirit that the teenage years of an artistic soul poetically bring with them. The process serves to get us back into those mental states when we danced completely carefree the last time. The artist slightly exaggerates and idealizes the bygone period of early youth and the versions of ourselves that we lost forever once we entered the adult world.

Track No.1 ♪ Dolce Hera feat. Nina Zizic “Common Dreams” 

Official music video animation, General Motors License for Cadillac Escalade Animation.

Track No.2  ♪ Dolce Hera feat. Vladana “Sweet & Bizarre” 

Official music video, Recorded in the Royal Theatre of Montenegro “Zetski Dom”, with the permission of the Administration for the Protection of Cultural Property of Montenegro.

→ Available on all digital platforms.