Radio and Television Premiere of the music video SWEET & Bizarre on the public service broadcaster – Radio Television Montenegro (RTCG) in the music show POP TOP

Radio and Television Premiere of the music video for the song Sweet & Bizarre was on the public service broadcaster – Radio Television Montenegro (RTCG) in the music show POP TOP

Dolce Hera and Vladana were guests together in this show and with the host Antonela Martinovic they talked about their collaboration, revealing many interesting details regarding the creation of the song and the work on the video that make this guest appearance really special.

The show was broadcast on the day of the song’s release as their special guest appearance on the occasion of the premiere of the video on Montenegrin television.

The conversation with the host Antonella covered various topics related to the music as well as some quite unusual aspects of the creation of the song Sweet & Bizarre. How did the idea of ​​Hera interpreting the narrative parts with her own voice come about, as well as why Hera wanted to do this featuring with Vladana. 

Vladana explained that she accepted Hera’s invite to collaborate on this song as soon as she read the lyrics and before hearing the music. She was blown away by the story and the power of the lyrics as well as the general idea of ​​Hera’s project of traveling through musical genres in the manner of dance.

On the other hand, Hera explained how she came up with the idea of ​​contacting Vladana for this featuring. As she says, she enthusiastically followed Vladana’s performance at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, as well as all her media appearances and interviews in Italy. Vladana also presented her Eurovision song Breathe in the Italian language version entitled Respira, which was very well received by the audience, which together with her very authentic and impressive stage performance was a sign to Hera that the two of them could have a lot in common for a potential musical collaboration. 

This was a really rare interview that put a lot of emphasis on the art and artistic features of the project, so the special topic of conversation was the single cover.

The cover is a digital version of a painting painted by Anja Radulovic, costume designer for the video and one of the protagonists in it.

Anja is a well-known Montenegrin painter recognized for her very authentic painting style belonging to the contemporary painting technique, which she perfected at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.

This cover represents the essence of the story told by the lyrics of the song, which is inspired by Pop Surrealism and artists who represent authenticity and originality in art. As Hera explains, Sweet & Bizarre is another name for Pop Surrealism, precisely because of the contrasting emotions that all those artists who cannot be classified into existing categories, such as Mark Ryden, Nicoletta Ceccoli, etc., evoke in us.

In this interview, Hera talked about how she was inspired by the ideas of the avant-garde and the cult in art in this album, explaining that she often starts from a frozen image in her mind of some idea of ​​the cult that inspires her to add layers of personal expression that guide the creation of the text and music in a new direction. Specifically for the song Sweet & Bizarre, she says that it is very likely that the frozen image in her mind that started her writing the lyrics was the famous comic book Diabolik, of which she is a fan and which is itself a cult.

After Common Dreams, the lyrics of the song which in its creation is a work inspired by the Matrix, as an ode to Cyberpunk and science fiction, now is an opportunity to get to know the author better, her artistic background and what inspires her to create.

Her upcoming album is a kind of homage to art which, as she says, is more of an experiment that should show that sometimes it is enough to start from art itself in order to generate new art. This album is in no way a reproduction of existing art, but is only inspired by it in order to create something new and authentic, and therefore has autobiographical superstructures. Her goal is to show that writing lyrics for music does not always have to be based on life itself, reality and personal stories, but that it can be like contemporary art in painting, abstract and powerful.

They also talked about Hera’s unique way of managing her artistic career.

First of all, there is her website and her characteristic way of communicating with the media. She pointed out that her website is the right address for both the audience and the media for information about her project, novelties and official events, which will play a particularly important role after the release of the album when there will be a tour to promote it.

Watch Dolce Hera’s guest appearance in the music show POP TOP on Radio and Television of Montenegro (09:45) at the following link: