Interview of Vladana and Dolce Hera Live from Montenegro Fashion Week for the TV show “Style” on Radio and Television of Montenegro – the Public Service Broadcaster RTCG

Vladana and Dolce Hera welcomed the release of the official music video for the new song Sweet & Bizarre at Montenegro Fashion Week (powered by Somersby).

On that occasion, after the Premiere of the music video on the screens of Fashion Week, they walked the catwalk in costumes from the video to greet the audience. After their performance, they gave an interview for the TV show “Style” (in original Stil) on Radio and Television of Montenegro – Public Service Broadcaster RTCG, which reported on the entire evening of the Montenegrin Fashion Week.

Vladana and Hera talked about the links between fashion and art in this music video, costumes made from unusual materials and collaboration with fashion designer Anja Radulovic.

As Hera said, this is an important aspect of the project, considering that the costumes contribute to a visual retelling of the entire story of the song.

Also, the cover of the single partially depicts the central costumes of the video, two characters are shown like two busts where their identical costumes merge, black blazers with petals over the shoulders.

Vladana pointed out that in a certain way fashion followed the story behind the song and that it takes more than one viewing of the video for the viewer and listener to catch all those connections. As she said, apart from the music, this was also a fairly modern fashion performance.

Therefore, Montenegro Fashion Week was a more than adequate setting for the presentation of such a project and the collaboration of the two artists who both highly value fashion and its importance for artistic expression.

The National Radio and Television of Montenegro broadcast their appearance on the runway through the TV show Style and reported in detail about their participation in this event.

Watch the show at the following link (21:13):