Common Dreams entered the Classifica Indipendenti web Italia

Given that the song Common Dreams is already widely broadcast on numerous radio stations in Italy, it entered the Classifica Indipendenti Web Italia.

This classification is updated every Monday and you can check it out on their website at this link:

The song was included in the general classification and in the categories Dance, Esordienti and Stranieri.

In a couple of weeks, the song has progressed significantly within each of them, so on the overall Italian general classification it ENTERED THE TOP 100 and on July 31, 2023, it rose from the 103rd place to the 89th place.

  • Category DANCE – it moved from 16th to 12th position.
  • Category ESORDIENTI – it moved from 16th to 14th position.
  • Category STRANIERI – it moved from 19th to 17th position.