Dolce Hera was a guest in the studios of Radio L’Olgiata Media Group in Rome

On July 20 Dolce Hera was a guest at the Radio L’Olgiata Media Group studios in Rome, broadcast live on FM 107.6 Roma & DAB video Facebook

She presented the new single Common Dreams and announced the next stages of her music project.

This very interesting interview was broadcast on the radio at 7:10 p.m.

The video version of the interview is available on Youtube at the following link: 

Dolce Hera for Radio L’Olgiata Roma (click on this title to watch on Youtube)

It is also available on the Facebook page of Radio L’Olgiata Roma at the following link:

Dolce Hera for Radio L’Olgiata Roma (click on this title to watch on Facebook)

It was a great pleasure for Hera to be a guest on this radio, considering the importance and listenership of Radio L’Olgiata, which was founded in 1975 in Rome and is one of the most listened to radio stations in the Lazio region, the city of Rome, but also via the web.

Considering that this summer Hera is focused on working on the album with her producers in the studio in Montenegro, which is why she mostly conducts interviews in the form of video, she is extremely glad that during the two days she spent in Rome in July, she was able to present the song live to the Radio L’Olgiata studio.

The radio hosting took place in a great atmosphere and company, and as a guest Hera signed an autograph on the legendary guitar and on the wall of Radio L’Olgiata.

Hera was styled for this occasion by the painter & fashion designer Anja Radulovic, with whom she already officially started a collaboration in the previous TV appearance in Montenegro, where she also wore her creation.

Hera does not hide her admiration for Anja’s work considering that she combines two arts in one and that she obtained a Master’s degree in Painting (MFA) from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy.

In this sense, for this radio appearance, Hera wore a hand-painted blazer from the PRA collection, for which the fabric pattern was created as a continuation of Anja’s painting opus motivated by the Montenegrin landscape.

The Montenegrin beauty of its wild nature has been an inspiration for various arts and artists from all over the world for centuries, which includes both beautiful beaches and bays of the Mediterranean as well as the most inaccessible canyons, mountains and rocks, as well as many protected national parks. 

People from these areas also carry this contrast within themselves, which is exactly what Anja painted on textiles for her PRA collection.

Check out Anja Radulovic‘s Instagram here: 

Anja Radulovic Studio Instagram (click here to check it out)