Dolce Hera was a guest of the TV show »E Live summer edition« on TV E Montenegro

Dolce Hera was a guest of the TV show » E Live summer edition « on TV E Montenegro, which is broadcast from Hotel Splendid on the Montenegrin coast.

The reason for this guest appearance is the success of the song Common Dreams so far, which the Montenegrin media is following, as well as the opportunity to announce the continuation of Hera’s music project.

Namely, with host Jelena Bozovic, Hera talked about the video that is being prepared for the next song, which is in Italian and will be released in the fall of 2023.

They talked about a new collaboration with the painter (MFA painting) and fashion designer Anja Radulovic, who not only styled Hera for this guest appearance, but will be an important collaborator on the project of the music video for the next song that is being developed.

In this TV appearance, Hera wore an AR dress from PRA collection, autumn/winter 22/23 presented at XXV GP CONTOUR FASHION CONNECTION in Petrovic Castle in Krusevac, Montenegro.

P– “prvo, pocetak, porijeklo” * which means in Montenegrin first, beginning, origin

AR – the initials of designer Anja Radulovic

The PRA collection draws on motifs originating in the Montenegrin landscape. 

Hera identifies herself in the aforementioned authentic fashion collection and collaboration with this designer, who says for herself:

“The visual impressions I absorb are the surfaces of stone and rocks, the horizons that stretch out from the vantage points of our mountains, the bark of trees, the shades in nature at the change of seasons… “

 IG anja_radulovic_studio

The entire show is available at the following link, while Hera’s guest appearance starts at 1:28:38. (click here to watch on Youtube)