Update on Dolce Hera’s latest video interviews for Italian media

In the past period, Dolce Hera gave numerous interviews for Italian media and radio stations. Many of these were live radio engagements for the presentation of the new song Common Dreams.

Several video interviews that Dolce Hera had in the last period for the Italian media are already available on YouTube.

Dolce Hera gave an interview for VIDEOTOP, Weekly TV Magazine of Music, Entertainment and Leisure hosted by Paolo Simonotti, broadcast throughout Italy.

A very interesting interview in which they talked about Hera’s love for drums and the unusual fact that she is the first professional female drummer in Montenegro, as well as about collaboration with Nina Zizic and the video for the song Common Dreams.

You can watch the entire interview here:

Dolce Hera for VIDEOTOP Italia (click on this title to watch)

On July 20, Hera was a guest via Skype on the radio show HELLO PEOPLE on Radio IN 102 from Palermo. With host Sara Priolo, Hera talked about the song Common Dreams, collaborations and some other aspects of her project.

The interview is available on the Facebook profile of Radio In 102 at the following link in the second part of the show:

Dolce Hera for HELLO PEOPLE on RADIO IN 102 Palermo (click on this title to watch on Facebook)

Dolce Hera’s interview for EVENTI PRESS with presenter Tiziana Bonina also presented the artist in a very interesting way, with an emphasis on her life in Rome and the inspiration she draws from it.

You can watch the entire interview at the following link:

Dolce Hera for EVENTI PRESS (click on this title to watch)

Here you can also listen to a short interview for Terza Pagina Magazine with presenter Pietro Gaeta:

Pietro Gaeta interviews Dolce Hera (click on this title to listen)