The premiere of the video and song Common Dreams, powered by Jagermeister was very successful

On June 1, 2023, the Premiere of the official video Common Dreams, powered by Jagermeister was held in Podgorica. At the very urban and popular location Engaging space 201, the Common Dreams release party was in a great mood. The event program was conceptually very avant-garde, as confirmed by the impressions of the guests present. The event was by invitation only and the guests were collaborators on the project, friends and colleagues from the music industry.

The evening program started at 9 p.m. with a Live Podcast hosted by Nada Vojinovic, Hera’s permanent collaborator on the project, who conducted a conversation with Nina and Hera. The conversation between the two artists revealed interesting and exclusive details about their collaboration and the creation of the song Common Dreams. The topic of conversation included all aspects of the creative process behind the creation of the song and video, as well as the broader concept and the D.H. project of which the song is a part. Collaborators, their roles and contribution to the overall project were presented.

First, they talked about working on the song itself, and in that sense, the unusual way of creating music in Hera’s project was presented. Hera is the author of the lyrics and drumming parts, but she is also the co-author of the music with producer Stefan Pantovic of “Stivi” Studio from Podgorica. Hera emphasized the talent of her producer as an example of the great creative potential of Montenegrin production and authors.

Then they talked about the music video and the inspiration behind the synopsis of the video. As Hera said, the entire album is aimed at young people and communicates with them, so animation was a natural choice for communicating with today’s young people, who are closest to video games and sci-fi aesthetics.

The music video was made by producers Đorđe Jovanovic and Jovan Dudić (who are also Director and 3D Generalist) and their team from Belgrade:

Character Artist – Miloš Mihajlović

Asset Modeling – Andrej Đukić

Animation – Katarina Marković

3D Artist – Bratislav Mitrović

The costumes for Hera and Nina in their animated versions were created by the award-winning fashion designer from Podgorica, Ana Krgović, who also styled them for an editorial that visually communicates the collaboration between the two artists on the occasion of this song.

This photo editorial was photographed by the famous Montenegrin visual artist Nada Vojinović, who also created and visually defined the cover of the single.

The artists explained that in addition to the two of them as protagonists in the video, there is also the car mentioned in the lyrics of the song from the verse “60 miles an hour in my Escalade”. They noted that the car in the video has a General Motors License for Cadillac Escalade Animation, and therefore represents an authentic animated model of this car that inspired the author’s narration of the song.

They further explained that this aesthetic component of authenticity in animation was a very important aspect of the whole idea, since they were both faithfully animated based on scanning and taking precise measurements for that procedure in special studios in Belgrade.

The Live Podcast was followed by the projection of the music video on the screen in real time, when the song and video were released on all streaming platforms, at 10 p.m.

After the projection of the video on the screen, the party started with a Live DJ Set by the Bizarr DJ Duo, who made everyone dance late into the night to the notes of the new song Common Dreams.

At the end of the evening, the artists gave exclusive interviews to the media representatives present. Watch the video interview here: 

Interview Dolce Hera & Nina Zizic for MONDO Portal (click on this title to watch)

The great vibe was captured by photographer Lazar Ružić. 

Watch here the After Movie from the Premiere prepared by

Premiere After Movie (click on this title to watch)