Common Dreams official video was premiered to media representatives at a press conference supported by the Organization for the Protection of the Rights of Music Authors of Montenegro (PAM MNE)

The music video for the song Common Dreams was premiered to media representatives at a press conference held in Podgorica with the support of the Organization for the Protection of the Rights of Music Authors of Montenegro (PAM Montenegro). The press conference was held on the day of the song’s release, June 1, 2023, at 1 p.m., so the media had the opportunity to see the music video and hear the song exclusively before its release on all streaming platforms scheduled for 10 p.m. that same day. Nina Zizic and Dolce Hera talked about their musical collaboration, how it came about, that the joint work proved to be successful and that they plan to collaborate again in the future.

Dolce Hera presented her musical project, which is an upcoming album of 9 songs that represents a journey through musical genres with a central theme of DANCE. She announced international collaborations with vocalists who will perform her songs. In this new project, Hera is in the role of a songwriter, i.e. she writes the lyrics for the songs, then a drummer – she creates and studio-records the drum parts, and not only that, but works as a co-author with her producers on the rest of the music. The songs will be in English and Italian, as the author is fluent in both languages. As Hera explained, the song Common Dreams is the first single that announces the mentioned album.

The gathered representatives of the media showed great interest in the press conference, so they actively participated by asking numerous questions and scheduling interviews in the following period.

The following day, the media reported on the event on all web portals, newspapers, television and radio programs. A very successful press conference due to the fact that the media, which were unable to attend the press conference, took the news from their colleagues and informed the public about everything that was being discussed. The following day, numerous articles appeared with more than positive reviews and impressions about the song and video.

“The premiere of the first single by Dolce Hera and Nina Zizic: Common Dreams hit on the first listening to the song”

“A worldwide hit”,

“Common Dreams smells like a hit”,

“Montenegro has candidates for the Eurosong: Aleksandra’s drum woke Nina up, maybe it will also raise our music scene from the ashes”,

 “World’s but ours! Dolce Hera and Nina Zizic presented the first song from the album”

“Dolce Hera and Nina Zizic presented the extraordinary track Common Dreams”,

These are just some of the titles and adjectives that Montenegrin journalists used to title their articles about the release of the song and video for the song Common Dreams.