Interview with Dolce Hera about the new song Sweet & Bizarre for the Montenegrin daily newspaper Vijesti

Dolce Hera gave an interview to the Montenegrin daily newspaper Vijesti on the occasion of the release of the new song Sweet & Bizarre next week.

Full page interview about the new music video and song in collaboration with Vladana Vucinic, the Montenegrin singer who represented Montenegro at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin.

After Common Dreams, the first song in D.H. project that was in English, this interview reveals many important details related to this highly anticipated song in Italian with an unusual musical genre orientation that Hera says is between pop rock and indie dance.

The journalist asked very interesting questions related to the reasons why this song was chosen as the next single of the project in Italian, as well as regarding the collaboration with Vladana. 

Special attention is paid to questions related to the music video for “Sweet & Bizarre”, which was directed by Hera and which will premiere at Somersby Fashion Week Montenegro next week, the evening before the release of the song on digital platforms.

We remind you that the song will be released on all digital platforms on October 27, 2023 at midnight.

The interview also included Hera’s opinions on whether art and general culture has been neglected even in the rush of digitization and artificial intelligence, as well as on the position of independent artists in the world of music today.

“The title of the song Sweet & Bizarre reveals my inspiration from the ideas of the cult and the avant-garde in art, so this song is specifically an ode to Pop Surrealism, for which “sweet & bizarre” serves as an alternative name or a way to denote all that art that cannot be classified into existing categories. These include artists who evoke emotions in us that are pleasant and bizarre at the same time (Mark Ryden, Nicoletta Ceccoli, etc.). Therefore, the aim of this song is to evoke the same feelings, as well as to direct the young generation to explore the art itself.” said Hera.

Full interview is also available on the Vijesti online portal at the following link:

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Photography – visual artist and photographer Nada Vojinovic