Dolce Hera and Vladana Vucinic were guests in the TV show “Living Room” on RTCG the public service broadcaster of Montenegro

The first joint appearance of Dolce Hera and Vladana Vucinic in the Montenegrin media on the occasion of the announcement of the new song “Sweet & Bizarre” was on Radio and Television of Montenegro RTCG, the public service broadcaster of Montenegro.

They talked with host Dajana Golubovic about their new song, how their musical collaboration came about, and told some anecdotes about their meeting when Hera proposed this project to Vladana.

Exclusively for the National Public Broadcaster Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG), this show features a 12-second teaser of the official music video announcing its premiere at Somersby Fashion Week Montenegro.

The presentation of the music video teaser in this show was an opportunity to share some more information about the project of this music video, the work on the costumes.

Impressions of the teaser focused the conversation on the importance of fashion, stage and costume design for the artistic expression of both artists, thus highlighting the similarity between them from the point of view of sharing the same ideas about music and art.

They also talked about Vladana’s experience participating in the Eurovision Song Contest and the great attention she paid to her costumes and stage performance through collaboration with young fashion designers who have an original approach to fashion.

As Vladana said, Hera as the director of this music video gave her full freedom to communicate with the costume designer for this video what she wants to achieve visually with her costume within the given theme.

She says that is why she enjoyed the project so much and that the costume designer Anja Radulovic really created for her the costume she wanted, and for which Vladana asked her to be guided by the concept of avant-garde when creating it.

Both artists are inspired by this concept, which for Hera was another indicator of significant similarities in their artistic approach.

They also talked about the specific musical genre of the song, the role of the drum lines in it as well as the unusual melodic line of the singing as something that also owes its authenticity to the fact that it was created by a drummer. 

The entire show is available at the following link, while their guest appearance starts at 06:24.

In this interview Dolce Hera was wearing a dress from Anja Radulovic collection