Dolce Hera’s interview for Radio Capodistria available as a podcast

Dolce Hera gave an interview to Radio Capodistria, a regional radio station of RTV Slovenija, public radio and television of the Republic of Slovenia, dedicated to the Italian National Community in Istria and the neighboring Italian regions.

In this conversation with host Ferruccio Mike Crevatin, in the radio show Pomeriggio ore 4, Dolce Hera discussed her musical career as the first professional female drummer in Montenegro, the influence of the city of Rome and Italy on her artistic expression, as well as many aspects of the new single Sweet & Bizarre as an introduction to her new album.

The presenter was particularly interested in the combination and presence of contrasting emotions in this single and video, as well as the stunning location where the video was shot that is the Royal Theatre of Montenegro. 

The presenter especially emphasized that Hera, in addition to being a musician and a drummer, is actually the author of the music and lyrics of her songs, and overall announced her upcoming album as, as he described, “full of colors and nuances that is handled with ease and energetic engagement”.

In this interview, they talked about her collaboration with her co-authors, producers from Montenegro and the importance of such a choice for her artistic project.

The full interview is available as a podcast at the following link: