Dolce Hera interview for the Culture column of the Montenegrin daily Dan, which fully reported on the release of the song Sweet & Bizarre

Dolce Hera’s interview with journalist Bojana Bozovic for the Montenegrin daily Dan was a detailed overview of the Sweet & Bizarre song and video project.

In this interview for the Culture column of this daily newspaper, Hera was presented as a multidisciplinary artist, which oriented the entire conversation with the journalist to the very artistic aspects of the project.

Hera revealed some specifics of this song from the point of view of its sound and instrumental, as well as the story behind the idea to record the music video in the Royal Theatre of Montenegro.

“For the music video project, more than inspiration, there was a vision already during the very writing the lyrics as some kind of freeze frame in front of my eyes that included everything even back then: colors, scenography, story, theater, sea. When I say theater and colors, I first of all think of the unique pastel colors of the Royal Theater “Zetski dom” in Cetinje, a wish that has become reality.” says Hera.

Dolce Hera and Vladana also gave an interview together for portal DAN WEB TV and talked about their musical collaboration. 

Among other things, they talked about their individual approaches to this project and the points of convergence of their artistic traits and interests during the work together on this song.

A very genuine interview in which the two artists express their true satisfaction with their collaboration on this song, with a reference to some unusual details and anecdotes that follow the process of working on this project.

Apart from the printed edition, the first-mentioned Dolce Hera interview is also available on DAN portal at the following link:

Dolce Hera and Vladana interview for portal Dan WEB TV available on Youtube:

Check out the article on the Dan portal about the release of the song Sweet & Bizarre:

In this interview Dolce Hera was wearing pieces from Anja Radulovic collection