The official music video Sweet & Bizarre was recorded in the Royal Theater of Montenegro “Zetski Dom”

The official music video for the song Sweet & Bizarre was shot at a very prestigious and unique location, namely the Royal Theater of Montenegro “Zetski Dom” in Cetinje. 

Written and directed by Dolce Hera, this music video is her debut as a director, and Hera is extremely honored to have had the opportunity to shoot most of the video in such a unique and prestigious location.

Hera is extremely grateful for the trust shown by the institutions, considering that for this video directing project, she obtained the consent of the Royal Theater and the permission of the Directorate for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Montenegro.

The Royal Theater “Zetski Dom” is the oldest theater institution in Montenegro, which has been fulfilling its mission since the 19th century until today, which is aimed at supporting art, through its repertoire policy which today fully corresponds to contemporary theatrical forms and expressions and at the same time plays an important  role of guardian of works of art that come from the cultural heritage of Montenegro and world cultural heritage.

Sweet & Bizarre, as the first song of Dolce Hera in the Italian language, in its music video shows another poetic and symbolic connection with Italy through the fact that the Royal Theater originates from the time of the Kingdom of Montenegro, whose King Nicholas I was the father of Elena of Montenegro, the Italian queen as the wife of King Victor Emmanuel III.

These historical facts are especially inspiring as Elena di Savoia was a truly loved and respected queen of Italy due to the quality of her personality, kind heart and humanitarian work. Everyone knows that during World War I Elena worked as a nurse and she turned Quirinal Palace and Villa Margherita into hospitals. She promoted many efforts for the training of doctors, medical research, financed charitable institutions for sick people as she was deeply involved in her fight against disease.

Defined as a “Lady of charitable work” by Pope Pius XII, the greatness of Elena awakens special emotions in Dolce Hera as a Montenegrin artist and feelings of sincere admiration and pride for what she was.

All of this makes it an immense honor for Hera that she had the opportunity to shoot the first music video under her direction in such a historically and artistically important place as it is the Royal Theater “Zetski Dom” in Cetinje.

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