Important milestones: Common Dreams hit 100 K streams on Spotify & 160 K views on Youtube since its release

The first single of the upcoming album of Dolce Hera has reached  important milestones: Common Dreams ft. Nina Žižić hit 100 K streams on Spotify & 160 K views on Youtube since its release. 

A large number of positive comments and impressions from all over the world in different languages ​​under the official video for the song makes us very happy as an indicator of the success of the concept that the video and the song carry together.

A song that carries a positive message and invites us to dance, recalling the mythical 80′ and the unique idea of ​​dance of that period, inspired by the iconic film trilogy that is an example of the cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction and a masterpiece that at one time pushed the boundaries of world cinematography.

Montenegrin web portals immediately shared the news of the song’s success on Spotify, considering that it has exceeded 100k streams.

With the title “Dolce Hera and Nina Žižić richer for another 100,000 streams – this time on Spotify”, the portals reminded that in July the song reached 100 k views on YouTube and that the month of August was apparently destined for a new success of that type on another digital platform.

They also report that, as they say “Dolce Hera is within reach of the debut album, and if the day is known by the morning, it will be a very well-received release”.

To date, the music video has passed 160k views on YouTube, but Montenegrin media in the month of July also covered the moment of passing those important 100,000 views and reported on it.

We are particularly pleased that such a complex project, on which we have been working for a long time, successfully communicated the idea behind the music video.

The reactions to the animation as a choice of communication with young people who were most impressed by the aspect of authenticity in the animation, which we find on three levels, speak for this the most: the two female protagonists of the song and the Cadillac Escalade car, which is their authentic animated model with the General Motors License for its use for the purpose of creating this video.