Dolce Hera was a guest of the television show “Alla Buonora” on TV CUSANO ITALIA

On December 12, 2023, Dolce Hera was the guest of the television show “Alla Buonora” on TV CUSANO ITALIA. Hera’s guest appearance was in the part of the show called Il Salotto, where she discussed her musical project with the host of the show, Simone Lemmo.

Hera presented the new single Sweet & Bizarre and part of the video was shown during the show, after which they discussed the peculiarities of this project, the Royal Theater of Montenegro where it was recorded, as well as Hera’s multiple roles in it.

This show had a festive mood, but at the same time focused on art, considering that Hera’s appearance was preceded by a conversation with the famous Italian actor Francesco Colella

On this occasion, Hera appeared for the first time on Italian television as a guest, which was a pleasure for her, especially since it was in a very pleasant atmosphere of a TV show on a popular television with a national coverage of ratings on channel 122, such as TV CUSANO ITALIA.

The entire show is available at the following link: