Dolce Hera interview for the Montenegrin portal “CDM” about the new song Sweet & Bizarre

“DOLCE HERA AND VLADANA IN ACTION: Sweet and bizarre in the same pill? They drank it and created a monster” the title of the interview with Dolce Hera, which draws its idea from the words of the author herself: 

“The part of the song with the interweaving of narration and singing, very unusual guitars that dominate on the one hand, while also allowing the drums to walk us through the genres on a micro level within the song, for us overall represented an unforgettable experience of creating a song with so much freedom – due to the absence of any kind of determination in advance of what one wants to achieve. At the end of the day in the studio, we looked at each other and said – ‘Guys, we created a monster (laughs)’. To be honest, self-critically speaking, I think that my lyrics in Italian have far more power than those I write in English. My connection with Italy and being inspired by it have reached the point that I can only achieve that level of personal stamp of creative expression naturally in my native language and that’s it”, says Dolce Hera and as Danilo Brajkovic the journalist  reports  ‘she reveals to us why the Italian version is the winner this time.’

Hera explained that what especially amused all the co-authors of the project after finishing the song was the process of realizing which musical genre it belongs to, which arose as a question only at the moment of the upload of the song for its distribution on digital platforms. 

The article begins with the journalist’s announcement of his interlocutor, words that show that he recognized the authenticity of Hera’s music project: 

“Aleksandra Prelevic Palladino has no intention of stopping until she achieves her goal” he says “which is a debut album as a story that has not been seen in our region, at least not in the form that has been announced.”

The interview made a special reference to the fact that the music video for Sweet & Bizarre was shot in the Royal Theater of Montenegro “Zetski Dom” as a unique and prestigious location due to its enormous importance as an inestimable value for the cultural heritage of Montenegro.

As CDM Portal reports from this conversation with Hera: 

“A special honor for the whole team is the recording of the main part of the video in the Royal Theater of Montenegro “Zetski dom” in Cetinje and the trust that the Montenegrin institutions for the protection of culture showed in this way to Hera’s directing project through the approval of the Royal Theater and the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage for the recording of the video in the oldest Montenegrin State Theater.”

“For me, music is a stage, and the first associations for the stage are theater, costume, make-up, effects, performance. I feel the need to communicate my music through all possible senses. I want listeners to practically see and feel every word of the text. In this video, the locations also represent the keys to getting to know the protagonists of this project.” says Hera. 

Hera explains the concept behind the video locations as the idea of ​​creating an opportunity for a visual encounter with the artist, that is, with what she is and what represents her. As she says, this encounter is possible through this visual  presentation of the authenticity of Montenegrin cultural heritage and the unique beauty of its nature.

There was also mention of the location for the scenes on the Montenegrin coast that open the video, the blue water shown by a drone and the sailboat in a locality full of pine trees and the rocks of ‘Pino del Mar’, which, according to Hera, sum up a couple of symbols of Montenegrin nature.

The interview also talked about Hera and Vladana’s collaboration, other participants in the project and her attitude towards music as a profession.

Danilo, the journalist, notes that unlike many other musicians who are often satisfied with just doing basic work, in his opinion she is an example that everything can be done differently, more seriously, the way international artists do it.